Keep managing your account through Wallet application: Financial Freedom


There was a time when wallet meant a leather clad pocket size case for holding papers and paper money. Nevertheless, as time passes new inventions come into existence. Moneymindz, the best free online advice has come up with a feature “Wallet” in its newly launched application Financial freedom. This application keeps track of the funds in your wallet. You can input your income and expenses as they come by. The application will display a detailed usage history as well as tally up daily and total expense and income. This is a good alternative for the paper and pen or memo way of tallying expenses.

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  • Manage your accounts, budget, bills and expenses in one place.
  • Add accounts with initial balance and color-coded.
  • Add credit/charge account and set credit limit.
  • Add transfer between accounts.
  • Account calendar view your balances on specific date and account balance until specific date.
  • Move transactions to other accounts easily.
  • Move account position up and down in account list.
  • Monthly income and expenses list by date and category.
  • Add income and expense easily.
  • Add bills/receipts and set reminder.
  • Advanced recurring for daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly adding bills/receipts.
  • Set your budget limit on category basis.
  • Manage budget with weekly, monthly, yearly.
  • Summary view – Check your daily performances for the last 7 days on expenses and monthly performances for the last 6 months with available balances.
  • Reports – pie graph and line graph.
  • Show reports with daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and custom date.
  • Expense and income reports presented category wise.
  • Shows expense versus income report.
  • Manage categories with color-coded and set icon (available 150+ icons).
  • Manage notes, payee, and payer to add quick entry.
  • Set passcode to protect your data.
  • Export your data as .csv file.
  • There is an option for drop box backup and restore. The theme colour is either Light or Dark.
  • Set Notification time and sound for bills. Home screen widget to add quick entry

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